The Mark of Shadow grants divinatory powers of clairvoyance and scrying as well as illusory powers of deception.

Houses: The elves of House Phiarlan carried the Mark of Shadow for millenia before the Last War, however, being employed by opposing factions led to infighting within the house, which ultimately led to the formation of a new house – House Thuranni. House Phiarlan’s Entertainers and Artisans Guild based in Breland and House Thuranni’s Shadow Network based in the Lhazaar Principalities provide spying services across Khorvaire.

Marks: The aspects of the Mark of Shadow grant the following benefits.

Least Mark of Shadow: darkness 1/day, disguise self 1/day or minor image 1/day. You are proficient in Deception checks, or you are proficient in Persuasion checks.

Lesser Mark of Shadow: clairaudience/clairvoyance 1/day, shadow conjuration 1/day, or scrying 1/day.

Greater Mark of Shadow: mislead 1/day, prying eyes 1/day, or shadow walk 1/day.


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