The Mark of Scribing grants powers related to writing and communications.

House: The Gnomes of House Sivis carry the Mark of Scribing. This house controls the Speakers Guild, offering translators, mediators and instantaneous long-range communication via sending. House Sivis also controls the Notaries Guild using the arcane mark to certify legal documents, and securing documents using illusory script.

Marks: The aspects of the Mark of Scribing grant the following benefits.

Least Mark of Scribing: arcane mark 2/day, comprehend languages 1/day, or whispering wind 1/day. You have proficiency in Intelligence (arcana) or (investigation) checks to decipher cryptic messages or hidden meanings.

Lesser Mark of Scribing: illusory script 1/day, secret page 1/day or tongues 1/day.

Greater Mark of Scribing: sending 1/day.


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