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Ghallanda Hall

While many of the finest inns have left Underlook, one exceptional establishment remains.

The Broken Anvil Inn

Situated in the Mason’s Tower in Callestan district, this small tavern with a handful of rooms to rent is run a matronly halfling named Eranna of House Ghallanda.

The Cracked Mirror

Also situated in Callestan, the cracked mirror is unremarkable except for the number of changelings and shifters among its clientele.

Marquan’s Rooms for Let

Situated in Boldrei’s Hearth, a respectable, if a bit run down, option for longer stays in Lower Central, Marquan’s offers private rooms with a common dining room.

Gray Dragon Inn

Situated in the Upper Central Platinum Heights district, this luxurious Inn near the Tower of Gold offers elegant suites to visiting dignitaries and others with wealth to spare.

The Golden Horn

Situated in the University District, this upscale inn is the local outpost of the Circle of Song.

The Bear’s Rest

Situated in the North Market district of Northedge, average quality and price, but Lara offers 20% to fellow shifters.

The Horse and Hearth

Situated in the North Market district of Northedge, operated by House Ghallanda, the food and lodging is of average quality, but extremely reliable.

The Bloody Mug

This inn situated in Graywall, Middle Tavick’s Landing caters to visitors from Karrnath.


Situated in Lower Tavick’s Landing, this luxurious inn specializes in fullfilling fantasies.

The Red Hammer

Situated in the Cogs, this unusual business is an inn for those who do not eat or sleep – the Warforged.


Daca’s Watch

Places of Interest

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