A dragonmark is an elaborate skin pattern, more elaborate than a birthmark and more distinctive than a tattoo – that grants the bearer an innate spell-like ability.

There are currently 12 families of dragonmarks, Each one is associated with a number of closely related manifestations.

To possess a dragonmark, you must belong to one of the races as per the table below, and the Dragonmark feat at first level.

Mark House Race Influence
Detection Medani Half-elf Warning Guild
Finding Tharashk Half-orc, human Finders Guild
Handling Vadalis Human Handlers Guild
Healing Jorasco Halfling Healers Guild
Hospitality Ghallanda Halfling Hostelers Guild
Making Cannith Human Tinkers Guild, Fabricators Guild
Passage Orien Human Couriers Guild, Transportation Guild
Scribing Sivis Gnome Notaries Guild, Speakers Guild
Sentinel Deneith Human Blademarks Guild, Defenders Guild
Shadow Phiarlan and Thuranni Elf Entertainers and Artisans Guild
Storm Lyrandar Half-elf Windwrights Guild, Raincallers Guild
Warding Kundarak Dwarf Banking Guild, Warding Guild


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