Welcome to Eberron – A New Era.

A strange restlessness seems to grip the land. The shock of the Mournland has eased. The vast conscript armies mostly abandoned. Even the Karnathi Undead returned to their graves. But now, large numbers of unemployed, well armed and well trained men fill city streets by day, with little to spend. And there are worse things, men with vacant stares, who might erupt into tears or violence at the slightest provocation. What looked like good thing, the development of the Warforged, mechanical soldiers with brains and instincts but no need for food, rest or even sleep now work in factories, out-competing their flesh and blood once-allies.

You were born to war. War defined your world – and your fathers’ world, and probably his fathers’ too – unless you were one of the elder folk. Now you feel out of place, superfluous as your elders talk about – or don’t talk about – matters you did not share. There is little work now that the armies have returned. There are shortages still in the cities, as burned out fields cannot be worked. Strange beasts roam the wilderness, perhaps experiments from wartime laboratories, or just creatures from the wild lands that have acquired a taste for man-flesh from corpse strewn battlefields.

You and your companions had created a pact that you would serve together – join the army as soon as they would have you, and at least have each other for support in the great war. But that war had ended 2 years ago, and here you are, raised to war, but with no battle to join. You were even trained in whatever your talents led to, making you a good fit for deployment. Now you have a new pact. You will leave home, and go to adventure. Use your skills and talents, and perhaps have some tails of your own to share.