The City of Towers is more ancient than human occupation in this place. Its towers rise thousands of feet into the sky, taking advantage of proximity to the plane of Syrania – which has the effect of enhancing levitation and flight magic.

It sits atop a mighty outcropping of rock near the mouth of the Dagger River, bounded on the West and South sides by the River and defended to the North by a tributary – the Hilt. Its’ neighbourhoods include Skyway, which floats above the city suspended by powerful magic.

Home to over 200,000, Sharn is the largest city in all of Khorvaire. A major learning institution, Morgraive University resides there, as well as many trades, industries, markets and criminal gangs.



Sharn’s Plateaux
Sharn Cross Section.
Sharn – Upper Wards
Sharn – Middle Wards
Sharn – Lower Wards


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