Eberron - A New Era

A Mysterious Stranger
Rendezvous at the Broken Anvil

As you gratefully depart the bridge and head towards your taxi, a cloaked stranger appears out of the rain and mutters to Velleman “If you want to know what’s behind Bonal Geldem’s death, come to The Broken Anvil at dawn tomorrow”. No sooner does Velleman look up to respond then the stranger’s back is turned and he swiftly strides away down a narrow staircase and into the rain and darkness.

Between the murderous assassin, the irrascible Sgt Dolom and the mysterious stranger, you have had enough encounters for this evening, and are only too grateful to grab a seat on the sky taxi and head to your quarters in Callestan. Later that night, you examine the Journal. It is of unusual quality. The pages are like no paper you have seen before, but the pages seem completely blank.

The next morning, you wake before the dawn and dash for an early taxi. Your destination is the next district over, so you hustle along skybridges and around towers for a half-hour before beginning the long descent to the lower levels and the Broken Anvil. The first lift is an elegant affair, where Brelza is so impressed she overtips the operator, who stammers his profuse thanks before letting out out. The descent from middle to lower levels is more functional – a creaky freight elevator lowers you another 200 ft to ground levels.

Around the corner, and the Broken Anvil’s door is before you. An un-prepossessing site, you step in with some misgivings. Immediately inside the door you are taken in tow by the halfling proprietress. “well good morning ducks” she says. “You’ll be following me” and she bustles through a door without waiting for a response. Across the common room she leads the way to another door and motions you inside. With some caution, you open the door and peer in. Inside is just a woman behind a table with some jugs on it. Filing in, she motions you to sit down and offers water, wine or beer.

You settle down, and she leans towards you.

“Thank you for coming. I am Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith. I was working with Provost Geldem to recover a lost family heirloom. We were to meet last night.” She pauses to let the significance sink in. A contact in the watch told me about what transpired, so I had one of our men contact you."

She continues “The heirloom, according to family legends, was locked away in a foundry that dates back to pre-Galifar Sharn. Poor Bonal believed that he had discovered the location of the foundry in an ancient Cannith journal. I was going to fund an expedition to go to the site, but without Bonal…” her voice trails off, then she leans close “Perhaps you would be willing to retrieve the hierloom for me.” a couple of exhaled “yeses” escape involuntarily before she adds “for a generous reward, of course”. “If I could see the Journal please” she extends her hand, and Brelza hands over the seemingly blank Journal. As it approaches her hand, they notice that her ring – a House Cannith seal – glows and and the binding of the journal glows in sympathy. As the pages open, text and diagrams appear magically. Elaydren turns to a specific page, studies it and then pulls a folded map from her cloak. The location of the lost forge is deep below the Dorasharn Tower. 57 levels below the present sewer system. I offer you 1000 gp to recover the lost artefact. Will you do this for me?"

You practically fall over one another to accept. In response to questions she cover a few facts, such as an advance of 100 gp for equipment, a suggestion for enough portable lighting, and ropes. The item is a made of adamantium, in the shape of a seven pointed star, about the size of a human hand. She also mentions that she believes the “Lord of Blades” was behind the death of Bonal Geldem. “The warforged prophet has his own designs on the schema” she says darkly. Salazar mentions the whirring device that fled the chest of the assassin, and Elaydren frowns. “Then the Lord of Blades will certainly know of your party” she says and adds “we must move swiftly”.

“Somewhere beyond the E213 Valve, you will find a sealed door with the same mark as on this Journal. Open the seal and the tunnel revealed will take you down to the long forgotten level far below where the foundry resides. I am completely confident that you wil be able to handle anything you encounter” she finishes.

A Brush with Authority
Sgt. Dolom shakes you down

The group hesitates. “Over by the wall” the Dwarf Officer barks, “Come on, move it”. One by one you head to where he indicates. Velleman puffs out his chest and registers his objection, which does nothing to phase the dwarf.

“Let’s hear your story” he asks, once they are all aligned. Brelza is the first to respond “It wasn’t us, well – only one of them … He was dead when we got there …”. Others chime in and in a moment, Sgt Dolom has to cut through the babble. “One at a time. You!” he says, pointing at Godric.

Godric relays what happened, omitting any mention of looting the bodies. At this moment, Brelza realizes she is still clutching the satchel, and furtively tries to slide it behind her back. Dolom catches the gesture and says “Always where a man’s wallet, Miss?”. He grabs it and examines it contents. “Anything else?” he asks, now that he can prove their story was incomplete.

By then, one of his constables has examined the bodies, and reports back to Dolom whispering in his ear. Dolom sends him off to talk to witnesses. He then turns back to you and demands the ID papers which he assumes would have been on the bodies. Brelza hands over the Professor’s papers. Briefly examining them, Dolom appears to come to a decision. “The professor appears to have been cut down with the other corpses’ blade. You seem to have killed the killer. There is something behind this, and I don’t have the resources to investigate. I am going to give you back the evidence, and let you go, on the condition that you have one week to report back to me with the story behind this killing.” he says, and removes the bolt from his crossbow before shouldering it.

Making a collective sigh of relief, you turn in the direction of your sky taxi and make your exit.

A Walk in the Rain

The rain slants down insistently, making mirrors of flagstones and soft halos around the glow lights. It is the kind of dark that only seems to occur during heavy rainfall – an edgy black and white dark that makes you jumpy and plays tricks on your eyes.

You are leaving for “home” after a long day looking for a mission at Morgraive University. Knocking on professor’s doors just gave more entries to add to the list of rejection excuses that had been building over the last few days: “we have already used up our expedition funds for the term”, “sorry – the professor is on sabbatical”, “sorry, we only hire adventurers with a track record”. One rejection was particularly harsh. An elegantly attired young man had looked you all up and down after hearing your request and responded with “I am sure she won’t be interested. She only hires professionals”.

Not wanting to write off the whole day, you take advantage of your location to get a decent and affordable meal at the commons, atop the Dallanan tower that houses the university. After sampling the varied faires in the depressing afternoon drizzle you decide to call it a day and head towards the Sky Taxi landing. As you walk, the wind and rain increases, causing more than one of you to shiver in your damp clothes.

Up ahead, not joining in on the desultory conversation, Ander lifts his hand to point at something on a bridge ahead. Looking up, you see the dim outline of a body sprawled in the shadows between two glow-lights. Brelza springs into action. Sensing danger she dives into a bush beside the parapet. The others move forward, drawing their weapons cautiously. Godric rushes first to the body, hoping to render assistance. It is too late. A shockingly large pool of blood is being washed away by the rain, and the staring eyes have glazed over. A middle aged man lies face down. He wears the top-robe of a University Scholar. Brelza recovers from her reaction, and moves in, quickly divesting the body of its coin purse, some ID papers and a fine wallet that was clutched in his outstretched hand.

As Brelza stoops, Salazar hears a suspicious sound. “Watch out – something’s funny under the bridge” he warns, but before anyone else can react, a lithe black-cloaked figure spings over the parapet and leaps towards Brelza’s unprotected back. Almost in slow motion, he closes the gap and a short blade flickers out. There is a sickening wet-meat sound and Brelza arches her back in agony as a crimson slash rips through her robes. The assassin raises its sword to finish her, but Velleman fires, putting off the attack and landing his quarrel in hits side. You see the strange eyes of the assassin flare up in intensity. Godric mutters an exhortation to the Sovereign Host and Brelza’s wounds close and her pain diminishes as he steps forward and ducks under the raised arm of the attacker, swinging his Warhammer upward in a smooth blow catching the side of its head. There is an audible crack, and the assassin crumples like a sack. Not satisfied, Godric smashes the head with a sickening crunch, revealing a disturbing array of grey material with fine silver lines running through it – seemingly pulsing faintly. She – for subtle design curves and features reveal a female design – was a warforged. As you stare, there is a high pitched whirring noise and a small object springs up from her chest and veers suddenly off and away from the bridge, disappearing into the rain.

A scream echoes around you as someone from a balcony belatedly screams bloody murder. “Murder! They’re killing someone! Call the Watch” another chimes in. You look around nervously, and look to make yourselves scarce. Hardly pausing to loot the fallen warforged, you scurry on over the bridge.

“Hold it right there!” a stentorian voice, used to being obeyed booms. Ahead of you, a stout but short figure holds a crossbow that is pointed unwaveringly at the lead party member. Two other figures loom, holding halberds at the ready. They each bear the insignia of the the Sharn Watch.

The cast of characters.
When adventure finds you, will you be prepared?

BrelzaDark-Elf Sorcerer.

Never feeling at home in the small diaspora community of her hometown, she fell for a pretty face (Salazar) at a touring circus, and ran away, never looking back.

VellemanHuman Fighter.

Haunted by the memory of lost comrades, met Godric in a bar at a low point.

SalazarHuman Rogue.

Helped spirit Brelza away from her subterranean home. Met Godric and Velleman in a bar.

FenHalf-elf Artificer.

Clever with chemicals, she trained for war, but was last employed by a travelling circus, where she met Salazar and Brelza.

GodricDwarf Cleric

Met with veteran Velleman in a bar. Recognized a fellow warrior and extended the hand of friendship.

ArdenHalfling Monk

A quiet one, last employed as an acrobat with the circus.


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