Eberron - A New Era

The Rat's Market

Wheeling and Dealing with a Professional

Before reaching the top of the Dorasharn tower, you stock up on rope, light sources and rations. Who knows how long this mission will take?

Heading there is another exercise in street-smarts, as the sullen working poor of Callestan give way to the vividly multi-ethnic impoverished multitudes of Malleon’s gate. Who knew so many cultures could be found right under the nose of the city’s middle classes?

Somewhere around ground level, you enter one of the cart-wide entries to the Dorasharn Tower. The entire area is occupied by dark and grungy tenements. There is the stench of piss and vomit in the air. Goblins, and their larger more aggressive cousins occupy the streets and alleyways – lounging on corners, playing dice on steps, hawking a variety of wares along thoroughfares.

You are standing close to the spot your map directs you to. A goblin nearby is hawking his wares from an upturned crate. "Come to Skakan for Good Stuff " he exhorts. “I got lotsa good stuff ‘ere. Gentleman’s kerchiefs. A warm blanket only 39 coppers. Lady’s comb. Fresh fried skewer of rat?” he squarks, and looks up at your group expectantly.

“I don’t want to touch his s**t” says one of you. Another says “maybe we should buy something”. Salazar asks Skakan “do you knows anything about valve 213?”. Skakan responds “valve? I have some stuff to sell. D’yu wanna buy something?”. Godric’s distaste for goblinoids overcomes his deference and he hefts his axe and says “how about you just tell us where the freakin’ valve is before I smash your stall to pieces?”.

“Oh no” squeaks Skakan. “How will I feed my children? Oh please, save me from this threat, people. I am so small. Please, don’t hurt me!” – his voice raising in pitch and volume with each entreaty. Brelza steps in and says “It’s ok, Skakan, how much for this rope?” – “Oh Beautiful Lady! I can sell you that fine rope for… 2 sp. It’s a nice rope. Only dirty, no much wear”. Velleman chimes in with “How about this bell?” – “Oh, another 2 sp sir. You can replace the clapper.” replies Skakan. “How about a deal on the bell and the rope?” asks Velleman – “I’ll pay 20 cp for them both”. “Oh sir – my children will starve. My wife she will not let me back in our cave if I cannot bring food. What am I to do!” Skakan implores, raises his eyes to the ceiling and holds his little arms wide in a dramatic flourish. Velleman realizes he is pushing too hard, and says “All right, how about 5 sp”. “Oh thank you sir, you are most generous” smarms Skakanm his expression changing in an instant. “And about that valve?” mutters Godric. “Oh kind and generous people. Perhaps I can lead you right to the passage for… 20 sp?” Skakan offers, experimentally. “Why don’t you just tell us how to get there?” asks Godric suspiciously. “Oh sir, I am only trying to be as helpful as possible. Down here it is very confusing with passages and tunnels.” responds Skakan.

You hand him the money. He immediately gets off his stool and moves his crate aside. Scattering a mildewey blanket and some small bones, he reveals a mechanism set in the floor. “Just go through this opening. You will find your 213” he adds triumphantly.


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