Eberron - A New Era

Stop, stop, start again!

Fen, the last remaining member of the ill-fated adventurers in pursuit of the once agent, now vampire Lucan, high-tails it back to Sharn to report to her patron and get reinforcements.

Lucan meanwhile has commandeered a lightning-rail train and is heading East and North an will be out of Breland within a week.

The call has gone out, and a new motley crew of rag-tag adventurers answers the call. No expense is spared as their paymaster has arranged the services of a fast airship to get them hot on the tail of Lucan. You travel fast, changing drivers at pre-arranged point along the way, and within 3 days are approaching Stariluskar. Too late! The train has left the station and is already en-route to the North via Thrane. You pursuade the sky-captain to take you further, and as you approach the sharp-eyed elves spot the distant form of another skyship hanging over what is probably the train. Small figures are seen leeping from the train and racing sky sleds back to their airship which peels off to the West.

Making a quick decision, you descend to the stationary train. The passengers are seemingly oblivious and a butler tries to block your way. The quick thinking Cleric attempts to charm the butler, who as a result, suddenly snaps out of a charm spell previously cast on him. He remembers coming under a dark influence, and he leads you all to a baggage compartment, where you find the now empty coffin of Lucan.

You track him off the train and away to a ziggurat situated in a pocket of swamp. Making your way through the swamp to the stairs, you force open the stuck doors with a simple ‘knock’ spell and enter the cool dark chambers. Within moments, the is a sicking wet crunch as a huge manta-ray like form grabs the ranger in its maw and lifts him bodily from the ground. Each blow at the Cloaker also further damages the ranger as you battle desperately. A spell revives the Ranger and he struggles free, but the battle hangs in the balance as the beast slashes its tail and bites – even grabbing the Ranger yet again. Spells and swords fly as the chamber rings with sword clashes and the sky hums with bolts and arrows. As suddenly as it started, it is quiet again. The butchered form of the cloaker is on the ground, and everyone has survived.


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