Eberron - A New Era


I'd like to be, under the sea,

After some much deserved R&R, the party are summoned in urgent fashion to Lady Elaydren’s domicile. They arrive in time to rescue her from a horde of Karnathi Zombies who succeeded in making off with the schemas the party had fought so hard to obtain for her.

Once the Lady has been resuscitated, she appraises the party of this sad fact. She then relates that the last remaining schema in the wild must not fall into their hands. It is rumoured to be on Zen’drik. To this end, she hires the party to go there and beat all others to the last piece of the puzzle.

They travel by submersible, have a run-in with some lizard types, and make it to Stormreach – the main port city on Zen’drik. They fall in with a local guide, and soon they have a pair of elephants are embarking on a river cruise to outflank the Karnarth party.


dimonic dimonic

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