Eberron - A New Era

Journal of Brock Connors Acolyte of the Sovereign Host

We were successful in retrieving the schema as they are called. A very curious thing happens as the emit thought speech into ones mind when brought in proximity. There is power to be explored with these ancient devices to be sure. I can’t wait to return and begin discussing all that we found with my fellow colleagues
The Ebon Claw lost an air skiff to my order with some bartering for scrolls and potions but it was good to deprive them of this vessel regardless

I have begun a journey into exploration of an artifact in the form of a Giants inscribed tooth. My fellow cleric adventurer has aided me in the surgery to begin. After mystically determining this was the way to harness its power I find it a small price to pay. A tooth for a tooth,it sounds like a proverb but it already has granted me favor with gifts of arcane meanings. I hope this is only the beginning as I harness its true power


dimonic malfeous

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