Eberron - A New Era

Down in the Sewer

There's lots of rats down here!

(Bonus experience to anyone who gets the title and subtitle reference).

In the Rat’s Market, the exposed gateway is opened easily with a wheel. The party slips through the dark hole one by one, leaving the “civilised” world above behind. As Godric brings up the rear, Skakan replaces the door, and behind their lights, utter darkness follows them.

As you descend, a stench rises up, and the sound of rushing water gets louder. The passage turns sharply right, and beyond a brief descent you can see water – or some liquid, rushing from right to left across an opening. You descend and stand facing a main sewer tunnel about 10 ft in diameter. To the immediate right, the tunnel is blocked by string iron bars running from floor to ceiling. To your left, the tunnel runs between a platform on either side. You can see a number of valves leading into the tunnel above the platform area, and periodically these open and discharge fluid out into the sewer channel.

Arden asks how deep the sewage is – sensibly concerned as the shortest member of the party. “Not more than 6 inches” reassures Velleman, as he trudges into the tunnel and turns left. Everyone follows, and they see the platforms are both left and right, with valves at head height, mostly closed. At that moment, Arden is hit by a blow from behind. Another warforged was hiding in ambush. As the party reacts, two other figures spring from the shadows and join the attack. This time the party reacts with sudden deadly force. Brelza blinds one of the Shifters – as their feral expressions reveal them to be, and he is made short work of by the double-team of Salazar and Arden. Godric finishes the remaining sifter, and the Warforged is also quickly brought down. However, no-one was prepared for the whirring messenger, which again speed up and away from the corpse of the warforged. “Damn” says Velleman. “Next time we must all be prepared to grab that thing”.


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