Eberron - A New Era

Ashes to ashes

Lord Lucan is dead

After defeating the Cloaker, the party heals up what little they can, and presses on – aware that their quarry works best at night – when they will be most vulnerable. Heading up through the bowels of the ziggurat, they encounter mysterious room after room, are beset by deadly traps, and set upon by monsters.

Ultimately, they find Lucan in the highest room. A brief fight ensues, wherein a lucky blow paralyses the vampire, allowing the party to transfix him with a stake through the heart. Carrying his prostrate form into a beam of sunlight finishes the job forever, and all that remains is the systematic looting of the temple.

Of course there are more traps, and ancient evils lurking, but hey are dispatched in albeit or clumsy fashion, and the party prevails.


dimonic dimonic

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