Eberron - A New Era

An Epic Battle

Trip Trap, monkey break his back!

The party regroups and decides to explore some previously unexplored rooms.

On awakening, they explore some of the entrance-floor level. They discover a warren of adobe tubes and rooms which appear broken and recently burnt out. Leaving these, they explore a quarter of the ruin that they omitted earlier on the temple level. A stiff door opens into an empty, featureless room. Cautiously checking for hidden enemies and traps, they advance on the only other door in the room. Again, no traps and they open it gingerly. Another featureless hallway, and another door at the end. The rogue advances, and suddenly the floor beneath him opens up and he shoots downwards. He barely grabs the edge by the tips of his fingers, and he is lacerated by the razor sharp blades in the deadly chute, with his legs dangling over the edge of a 150 ft drop into the jungle beneath, spare change clinking down the side of the ziggurat. Halling him up, the party try a variety of tricks to cross the now 10 ft gulf between themselves and the door. A steel shield and 35’ of rope are lost in the process, as well as some more blood as the Elf Ranger attempts to jump and mis-steps, but is brought up short on his safety rope.

Ultimately, the door is opened, and two enter – only to be blasted by a deadly explosion as an ancient warding glyph goes off, almost killing the intrepid explorer.

The reward is good however, a large glass disc in a gold band, which they identify as a code breaker. Using that, they decode the glyphs of the ziggurat, which turn out to be the names of stars in the night sky.


dimonic dimonic

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