Eberron - A New Era

Setup for next session
Things aren't quite what they seemed

The giant zombie squid slumps, its tentacles twitching as the final hail of Berrian’s arrows find their mark. You dash across the central hall and up into the library, smoke and sparks billowing around you.

The first thing you see is a journal on a reading stand. You move towards it. Shar recognizes it as a travel journal, almost certainly the vital clue you seek. Some of you start looking for the way out, others for anything valuable to grab – as a shrill voice rings out “Now! Take them now!”

Chaos... A primer to words of ultimate power

It seems the choice to actively research the power tied to my newly induced incisor has paid off

With but an utterance of the powerful word of chaos mine enemies were laid low.

The toll it took was a small price to pay indeed

It was so easy to channel, like slipping on a worn glove before entering the cold winters night. The whispers are interesting within the context of the spell. I will have to listen to these words carefully when next I use this wonderful item
Journal of Brock Connors Acolyte of the Sovereign Host

We were successful in retrieving the schema as they are called. A very curious thing happens as the emit thought speech into ones mind when brought in proximity. There is power to be explored with these ancient devices to be sure. I can’t wait to return and begin discussing all that we found with my fellow colleagues
The Ebon Claw lost an air skiff to my order with some bartering for scrolls and potions but it was good to deprive them of this vessel regardless

I have begun a journey into exploration of an artifact in the form of a Giants inscribed tooth. My fellow cleric adventurer has aided me in the surgery to begin. After mystically determining this was the way to harness its power I find it a small price to pay. A tooth for a tooth,it sounds like a proverb but it already has granted me favor with gifts of arcane meanings. I hope this is only the beginning as I harness its true power
An Epic Battle
Trip Trap, monkey break his back!

The party regroups and decides to explore some previously unexplored rooms.

On awakening, they explore some of the entrance-floor level. They discover a warren of adobe tubes and rooms which appear broken and recently burnt out. Leaving these, they explore a quarter of the ruin that they omitted earlier on the temple level. A stiff door opens into an empty, featureless room. Cautiously checking for hidden enemies and traps, they advance on the only other door in the room. Again, no traps and they open it gingerly. Another featureless hallway, and another door at the end. The rogue advances, and suddenly the floor beneath him opens up and he shoots downwards. He barely grabs the edge by the tips of his fingers, and he is lacerated by the razor sharp blades in the deadly chute, with his legs dangling over the edge of a 150 ft drop into the jungle beneath, spare change clinking down the side of the ziggurat. Halling him up, the party try a variety of tricks to cross the now 10 ft gulf between themselves and the door. A steel shield and 35’ of rope are lost in the process, as well as some more blood as the Elf Ranger attempts to jump and mis-steps, but is brought up short on his safety rope.

Ultimately, the door is opened, and two enter – only to be blasted by a deadly explosion as an ancient warding glyph goes off, almost killing the intrepid explorer.

The reward is good however, a large glass disc in a gold band, which they identify as a code breaker. Using that, they decode the glyphs of the ziggurat, which turn out to be the names of stars in the night sky.

I'd like to be, under the sea,

After some much deserved R&R, the party are summoned in urgent fashion to Lady Elaydren’s domicile. They arrive in time to rescue her from a horde of Karnathi Zombies who succeeded in making off with the schemas the party had fought so hard to obtain for her.

Once the Lady has been resuscitated, she appraises the party of this sad fact. She then relates that the last remaining schema in the wild must not fall into their hands. It is rumoured to be on Zen’drik. To this end, she hires the party to go there and beat all others to the last piece of the puzzle.

They travel by submersible, have a run-in with some lizard types, and make it to Stormreach – the main port city on Zen’drik. They fall in with a local guide, and soon they have a pair of elephants are embarking on a river cruise to outflank the Karnarth party.

Ashes to ashes
Lord Lucan is dead

After defeating the Cloaker, the party heals up what little they can, and presses on – aware that their quarry works best at night – when they will be most vulnerable. Heading up through the bowels of the ziggurat, they encounter mysterious room after room, are beset by deadly traps, and set upon by monsters.

Ultimately, they find Lucan in the highest room. A brief fight ensues, wherein a lucky blow paralyses the vampire, allowing the party to transfix him with a stake through the heart. Carrying his prostrate form into a beam of sunlight finishes the job forever, and all that remains is the systematic looting of the temple.

Of course there are more traps, and ancient evils lurking, but hey are dispatched in albeit or clumsy fashion, and the party prevails.

Stop, stop, start again!

Fen, the last remaining member of the ill-fated adventurers in pursuit of the once agent, now vampire Lucan, high-tails it back to Sharn to report to her patron and get reinforcements.

Lucan meanwhile has commandeered a lightning-rail train and is heading East and North an will be out of Breland within a week.

The call has gone out, and a new motley crew of rag-tag adventurers answers the call. No expense is spared as their paymaster has arranged the services of a fast airship to get them hot on the tail of Lucan. You travel fast, changing drivers at pre-arranged point along the way, and within 3 days are approaching Stariluskar. Too late! The train has left the station and is already en-route to the North via Thrane. You pursuade the sky-captain to take you further, and as you approach the sharp-eyed elves spot the distant form of another skyship hanging over what is probably the train. Small figures are seen leeping from the train and racing sky sleds back to their airship which peels off to the West.

Making a quick decision, you descend to the stationary train. The passengers are seemingly oblivious and a butler tries to block your way. The quick thinking Cleric attempts to charm the butler, who as a result, suddenly snaps out of a charm spell previously cast on him. He remembers coming under a dark influence, and he leads you all to a baggage compartment, where you find the now empty coffin of Lucan.

You track him off the train and away to a ziggurat situated in a pocket of swamp. Making your way through the swamp to the stairs, you force open the stuck doors with a simple ‘knock’ spell and enter the cool dark chambers. Within moments, the is a sicking wet crunch as a huge manta-ray like form grabs the ranger in its maw and lifts him bodily from the ground. Each blow at the Cloaker also further damages the ranger as you battle desperately. A spell revives the Ranger and he struggles free, but the battle hangs in the balance as the beast slashes its tail and bites – even grabbing the Ranger yet again. Spells and swords fly as the chamber rings with sword clashes and the sky hums with bolts and arrows. As suddenly as it started, it is quiet again. The butchered form of the cloaker is on the ground, and everyone has survived.

A Gateway to the Past
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away..

After killing the attackers and looting their corpses, there isn’t much else to do in the muck of the sewer, so you press on. Ahead is a T junction, but to the left is another iron grate, so you head to the right. A little way down, set into the tunnel wall is a circular metal hatch. In the middle is a glowing circle of mithril showing the same icon as you saw on Bonal Geldem’s journal – the ancient symbol of House Cannith that predates the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar itself – a stylized hammer and anvil.

Down in the Sewer
There's lots of rats down here!

(Bonus experience to anyone who gets the title and subtitle reference).

In the Rat’s Market, the exposed gateway is opened easily with a wheel. The party slips through the dark hole one by one, leaving the “civilised” world above behind. As Godric brings up the rear, Skakan replaces the door, and behind their lights, utter darkness follows them.

As you descend, a stench rises up, and the sound of rushing water gets louder. The passage turns sharply right, and beyond a brief descent you can see water – or some liquid, rushing from right to left across an opening. You descend and stand facing a main sewer tunnel about 10 ft in diameter. To the immediate right, the tunnel is blocked by string iron bars running from floor to ceiling. To your left, the tunnel runs between a platform on either side. You can see a number of valves leading into the tunnel above the platform area, and periodically these open and discharge fluid out into the sewer channel.

Arden asks how deep the sewage is – sensibly concerned as the shortest member of the party. “Not more than 6 inches” reassures Velleman, as he trudges into the tunnel and turns left. Everyone follows, and they see the platforms are both left and right, with valves at head height, mostly closed. At that moment, Arden is hit by a blow from behind. Another warforged was hiding in ambush. As the party reacts, two other figures spring from the shadows and join the attack. This time the party reacts with sudden deadly force. Brelza blinds one of the Shifters – as their feral expressions reveal them to be, and he is made short work of by the double-team of Salazar and Arden. Godric finishes the remaining sifter, and the Warforged is also quickly brought down. However, no-one was prepared for the whirring messenger, which again speed up and away from the corpse of the warforged. “Damn” says Velleman. “Next time we must all be prepared to grab that thing”.

The Rat's Market
Wheeling and Dealing with a Professional

Before reaching the top of the Dorasharn tower, you stock up on rope, light sources and rations. Who knows how long this mission will take?

Heading there is another exercise in street-smarts, as the sullen working poor of Callestan give way to the vividly multi-ethnic impoverished multitudes of Malleon’s gate. Who knew so many cultures could be found right under the nose of the city’s middle classes?

Somewhere around ground level, you enter one of the cart-wide entries to the Dorasharn Tower. The entire area is occupied by dark and grungy tenements. There is the stench of piss and vomit in the air. Goblins, and their larger more aggressive cousins occupy the streets and alleyways – lounging on corners, playing dice on steps, hawking a variety of wares along thoroughfares.

You are standing close to the spot your map directs you to. A goblin nearby is hawking his wares from an upturned crate. "Come to Skakan for Good Stuff " he exhorts. “I got lotsa good stuff ‘ere. Gentleman’s kerchiefs. A warm blanket only 39 coppers. Lady’s comb. Fresh fried skewer of rat?” he squarks, and looks up at your group expectantly.

“I don’t want to touch his s**t” says one of you. Another says “maybe we should buy something”. Salazar asks Skakan “do you knows anything about valve 213?”. Skakan responds “valve? I have some stuff to sell. D’yu wanna buy something?”. Godric’s distaste for goblinoids overcomes his deference and he hefts his axe and says “how about you just tell us where the freakin’ valve is before I smash your stall to pieces?”.

“Oh no” squeaks Skakan. “How will I feed my children? Oh please, save me from this threat, people. I am so small. Please, don’t hurt me!” – his voice raising in pitch and volume with each entreaty. Brelza steps in and says “It’s ok, Skakan, how much for this rope?” – “Oh Beautiful Lady! I can sell you that fine rope for… 2 sp. It’s a nice rope. Only dirty, no much wear”. Velleman chimes in with “How about this bell?” – “Oh, another 2 sp sir. You can replace the clapper.” replies Skakan. “How about a deal on the bell and the rope?” asks Velleman – “I’ll pay 20 cp for them both”. “Oh sir – my children will starve. My wife she will not let me back in our cave if I cannot bring food. What am I to do!” Skakan implores, raises his eyes to the ceiling and holds his little arms wide in a dramatic flourish. Velleman realizes he is pushing too hard, and says “All right, how about 5 sp”. “Oh thank you sir, you are most generous” smarms Skakanm his expression changing in an instant. “And about that valve?” mutters Godric. “Oh kind and generous people. Perhaps I can lead you right to the passage for… 20 sp?” Skakan offers, experimentally. “Why don’t you just tell us how to get there?” asks Godric suspiciously. “Oh sir, I am only trying to be as helpful as possible. Down here it is very confusing with passages and tunnels.” responds Skakan.

You hand him the money. He immediately gets off his stool and moves his crate aside. Scattering a mildewey blanket and some small bones, he reveals a mechanism set in the floor. “Just go through this opening. You will find your 213” he adds triumphantly.


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